Product Information

In one word…results. Thrival was purposely formulated to deliver rapid and sustained physical energy, mental clarity, and metabolic resilience.

Different from carbohydrate driven or artificial and synthetic ingredient dominant food choices, or bare bones limited ingredient options, Thrival is delivering the highest level nutraceuticals found in a consumable, edible and delicious format .

Thrival is something new – a performance snack, edible energy for both your body and brain.

While Thrival’s form factor is that of an energy bar it is truly so much more.  Our active ingredients have 100s of studies that prove the efficacy to support physical energy, mental clarity, and metabolic resilience.  For example, one of our ingredients is scientifically-proven to improve reaction time.

Thrival is not a meal replacement, but rather a potent glycemic index balancing tool that elicits mental clarity,  anti-inflammatory properties, increased oxygenation to the muscle fiber, all while providing clean plant-based protein, carbohydrates, and sustainably sourced evidence-based elite level supplementation.

The original intent of Thrival is to be portable and concentrated and to provide profound resources in critical tactical, military, athletic, peak performance or executive level function environments. As a result, the benefit to weight ratio is an important consideration.  In addition, the small form factor reduces our environmental impact from a packaging perspective.

Thrival helps everyone who finds themselves fatigued, depleted, lacking physical or mental stamina,  or for those who simply want to make ideal health choices in a way that takes less than 90 seconds to consume and provides profound brain and body fuel. 

Yes and we do! However, due to the potency, if someone is on a regular time schedule where they might go to bed at 10:00 pm and awake at 5:30 or 6:00 am, we suggest not consuming Thrival after 6:00 pm.

If it is in a combat situation or competitive athletics,  Thrival can be consumed throughout or immediately after exertion and is easily assimilated.

Yes, due to the caloric efficiency, many have shared they eat Thrival with a side of scrambled eggs or even with some Turkey Jerky if one craves to be a bit more full.  Some have shared they enjoy Thrival with a quality cup of yogurt or cottage cheese to create a higher fat and more satiating meal!

No, Thrival is 100% natural – at every step of formulation.  We use natural ingredients such as our gluten-free high potency organic rolled oats, and organic pea protein crisps . Our fruit infused medley is also natural and all our ingredients are non-GMO and nutraceutical grade.


While we are caffeine free, throughout unique formulations we deliver mental stimulation and clarity without the jitters or crash associated with coffee or energy drinks.  Please see our science page for ingredient information and clinical research.

Order Information

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We ship internationally. Please note that shipping rates and times will be higher for destinations outside of the USA.

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