Apex Performance Fuel: Energy + Focus + Recovery

Physical Energy

Better fuel, better performance.

Thrival delivers immediate and sustained energy so you can set new personal records.

Thrival was designed by the world's top human performance experts to provide an edge in competition. Delay "the wall" and push through it sooner for improved performance.

Mental Focus

Speed and quality of decisions separate the great from the good.

Thrival's doctor-formulated and science-backed performance fuel improves mental alertness and visual processing.

Recovery Acceleration

Rapid recovery equals higher performance.

The faster you recover, the sooner you can train, the better you perform.

Thrival's science-first approach to accelerated recovery reduces inflammation and improves hydration.

Health Benefits

A small serving with a large impact.

Every Thrival bar contains a full serving of fruits and veggies to energize your day. Only the best fuel for your performance.

Certified Drug Free by Banned Substance Control Group, the leader in providing protection from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List.

Human Performance Collaborative

What do the Navy SEALs, MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, UFC, NASCAR, the USA Olympic Team, and the World Surfing League all have in common? Thrival's Human Performance Collaborative.

Our world-leading performance experts discover and translate the latest science into practical performance strategies and tactics. Learn why athletes and the experts behind them use Thrival on a daily basis.


Discover the latest science-backed strategies for improving performance